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BARE: a visual essay – Irene Baqué


BARE is a visual essay and an intimate portrait of womxn and non-binary people’s skin. Celebrating the inherent beauty and emotional complexity of the outermost layer of our bodies.

Throughout a series of candid conversations in collaboration with Everyday Oil, this short film explores the lifelong journey of accepting what has been subjected as flawed or imperfect by bystanders, while debunking the impossible beauty standards that set us up for failure.

In the bravest and most vulnerable act of shedding their clothes, a group of womxn cast aside trauma, shame and fear by shining a light into the power of self-love, compassion and strength when it comes to their own skin.

Produced by GRETA FILMS
Directed by Irene Baqué
Producer Alexandra Armenteras
DOP Maiya Rose
Stills by Gwen Trannoy
Edited by Ona Bartolí
Music and Sound Design Adam Matschulat
Dubbing Mix The Listening Tower
Colour Grader Nadia Khairat
Credits by Eva Fabregas

Filmed at Sunset Studios
In collaboration with Everyday Oil

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Copyright Irene Baqué 2016. All Rights Reserved.