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I had a miscarriage – Irene Baqué

El Salvador:

‘I had a miscarriage. The judge accused me of murder’

For Salvadoran women who suffer a miscarriage, the physical and emotional trauma of losing a child can be the start of a life-changing ordeal consisting of poor medical treatment, arrest without recourse to legal advice and imprisonment for up to 40 years. Women who have fallen foul of El Salvador’s punitive anti-abortion law, and are either serving time or have completed a prison sentence, describe the torment of life behind bars and reveal how their lives have been altered forever.

Directed, produced and edited Irene Baqué
Filmed Irene Baqué and Jordi Ruiz Cirera
Art Direction Alex Purcell
Sound Design Pascal Wyse
Producer Claudine Spera
Executive Producer Liz Ford
Music by Lixo, Get Me!

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Copyright Irene Baqué 2016. All Rights Reserved.