Spanish Perreo: Madrid’s Reggaeton Explosion

A letter from the British government classifying Paulette Wilson as an illegal immigrant shook her sense of identity and belonging. ‘Hostile environment’ policies years in the making meant that Wilson and other victims of the Windrush scandal had their right to residency in the UK called into question. She had been detained for a week pending imminent deportation though she had done nothing wrong. It was devastating, but luckily she was released before she was deported. Here we follow Wilson as she returns to Jamaica for the first time in 50 years, trying to make sense of her place in the world and rebuild a sense of security and belonging

In partnership with Ballantine’s.

Director – Irene Baqué

Series Producer – Cecilia Linares

Development Producer – Anaïs Brémond

DOP – Beatriz Sastre

Editors – Nathan Greenwood and Evan Campbell

1 st Ac – Leticia Iniesta

Local Fixer – Ludmilla Monaco

Sound Recordist – Gabriel Cohen

Driver – Aitor Delamar

Sound Designer – Evan Campbell

Motion Graphics – Stefan Iyapah

Colour Grader – Tim Smith @ Cheat

Translator – Bruno Gomez

Journalist – Eloise Edgington

Executive Producer – Joe Walker

Partnerships – Morgane Kirk, Svet Lapcheva & Oyin Akiniyi

Marketing: Alice Tilley, Tony McParl

Special Thanks: Reyes Yllera, Jessica Kelly

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Copyright Irene Baqué 2016. All Rights Reserved.