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The Filipino women smashing Catholic taboos – Irene Baqué

The women smashing Catholic taboos in the Philippines

Such is the stigma around sex education and family planning in the Philippines that 65% of women there still do not use contraceptives. Five years ago the Philippine Congress passed a reproductive health law guaranteeing universal access to family planning, but misinformation is still rife. We follow three campaigners working in communities to challenge the myths, and help girls and women plan their families and take control of their future

Filmed and directed by Irene Baqué
Produced by Claudine Spera

Editors: Richard Sprenger and Irene Baqué
Colour grade: Alexander Purcell
Sound design: Pascal Wyse
Motion graphics: Simon Roberts
Production assistant: Cherry Pie Neric
Translator: Rachel Obordo

Executive producers Liz Ford and Laurence Topham

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Copyright Irene Baqué 2016. All Rights Reserved.